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Review by Mohammad Abid

Excellent service!!! We ordered two leaf springs that turned out to be the wrong parts for vehicles we are dealing in. When we called, the problem was resolved within 30 seconds; the replacement part was shipped and assembled within 24 hours. The part was of good quality, so there was no problem. I highly recommend it.

Review by Gaurav Bazagin Nepal

We are dependent on Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd. for different types of leaf springs. All leaf springs and suspensions are designed and manufactured to meet current specifications. If you or your company need high-quality leaf springs, Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd. is highly recommended.

Review by Akash Aggarwal Nepal

We highly recommend Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd. for offering a range of leaf springs for different types of vehicles, such as trucks and vans. All their products are brand new, and all their products are of the highest quality. Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd. believes in fully assuring their customers that they are getting exactly what they need before making a final purchase.

Review by Gaurav Jain

We are highly satisfied with Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd.'s service for providing high-quality leaf springs for all commercial applications, followed by the most responsive service. They have a complete R&D department capable of designing, prototyping, and developing the final product through computer-aided design and dynamic testing equipment.

Review by Rajesh Gupta

Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd. is the best company that produces a full range of leaf springs, agricultural implements, and heat-treated products are manufactured. They design and build high-quality products, especially for customer applications. Their products can be used on special vehicles, trailers, farm machinery, motorhomes, OEM axles, and more.

Review by Sajeev Garg

Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of parabolic leaf springs, leaf springs, and spring assemblies. After using their services, we can say that they are a one-stop solution provider for all kinds of leaf spring requirements for our company and other companies around the world.

Review by Sonu Jain

We have been using Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd leaf spring for the last two years. We are highly satisfied by the company’s high-quality products and their aim to satisfy our customers. They work on special design and development for parabolic springs.

Review by G.P.Shamra

We highly recommend Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd. for their experience in the development of vehicle suspension systems for all vehicles, large and small. Through effective business practices, their management and technical experts evaluate, prioritize and implement projects to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Review by Naseem Ahmed

The Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd has a large production capacity of leaf springs and emphasizes the latest machinery and quality, and has emerged as a major brand in this sector today. Our company is completely dependent on Protopower Springs Pvt. Ltd for Leaf Springs for our auto parts requirements.